Pay Day Loan

The payday loan market in Southeast Asia is growing steadily. Many players have entered the market with unique offering, rates, and ease of process to entice non-banked or under banked customers to avail quick and easy loans.

One such player from Indonesia wanted to launch a fully mobile Pay Day Loan application process. However, it faced challenges that stopped the efficiency of the business and lead to heavy losses in terms of high non-performing loans and low approval rates.

The Challenges

  • Launching a mobile-only payday loan
  • Right loan amount, terms, and interest rates
  • Lack of credit bureau and historical financial data

The Solution

  • CredoLab's SDK integration with existing app
  • Scoring the applicant based on the device metadata, in real time
  • AI-powered algorithm converted mobile data into predictable behavioural score


User Adoption

(% of customers who grant permissions)

Drop in Default Rate

Time to Loan

(time from scoring request to disbursement)